5 Year Lease in place for the Auckland Showgrounds

XPO are delighted to confirm that a lease is in place for a further 5 years at the Auckland Showgrounds securing the home of events and exhibitions.

This follows a long High Court battle in which Brent Spillane, Managing Director of XPO, contested a decision by Cornwall Park Trust Board to lease the site to a film studio. The High Court Judge agreed with Mr Spillane, ruling that the film lease was unlawful and reconfirming Events as primary on the site. There is parliamentary legislation and council Unitary Plan protections on this site for Events to remain well protected on the site. Meanwhile Events are once again back up and running at the Auckland Showgrounds - benefitting the city by filling hotels and restaurants with much needed tourism and connecting thousands of SME exhibiting businesses with customers and hundreds of millions in resultant trade.

Take a look at the TV1 News interview below :